Blog PostsMay 1, 2019

Historic highs in 2018 voter turnout extended across racial and ethnic groups

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PublicationsJan 30, 2019

An early look at the 2020 electorate

ReportsOct 25, 2018

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More Latinos Have Serious Concerns About Their Place in America Under Trump

Blog PostsNov 9, 2018

Key takeaways about Latino voters in the 2018 midterm elections

ReportsDec 20, 2017

Hispanic Identity Fades Across Generations as Immigrant Connections Fall Away

ReportsNov 27, 2019

U.S. Unauthorized Immigrant Total Dips to Lowest Level in a Decade

Blog PostsNov 1, 2018

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Number of U.S.-born babies with unauthorized immigrant parents has fallen since 2007

U.S. PoliticsJun 28, 2018

Shifting Public Views on Legal Immigration Into the U.S.

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ReportsJun 29, 2017

Mexican Lawful Immigrants Among the Least Likely to Become U.S. Citizens

Oct 16, 2018

Want to understand U.S. immigration? We’ve got an email course for you

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